Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vegetarian Shoes

I'm not a natural shopper. Buying stuff just doesn't do it for me. But recently I needed sandals (after wearing my others to oblivion), and I've always liked the "cup heal" of Birckenstocks...

Well, Birkenstock no longer makes animal product-free shoes anymore. Their sister companies make a few, but the selection is not spectacular. However, searching online I found this company from the UK. 

They're called "Vegetarian Shoes," and their products are free from animal products. So, well, I bought a pair of their sandals...

The lining mimics suede, and the shoe resembles one of Birkenstock's. Pretty nice! And comfortable. A little big, but they don't have half sizes. At any rate, I'm happy with them, and happy to support a company who has a bottom line worth supporting!

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