Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almond or Coconut Milk Ice Cream

 Homemade Almond or Coconut Milk ice cream

One of my favorite foods is ice cream.  I’ve always loved it!  At grocery stores, they sell it by the pint or by the quart and the price is fairly unaffordable if you purchase it on a regular basis.  So I bought my own ice cream maker and decided to mess around with almond milk and coconut milk. I really wanted to make this easy. I wasn’t interested in cooking the contents before-hand, in which most dairy recipes require. Ice cream makers aren’t what they used to be (unless you are looking for a top dollar maker)…They are more fun and colorful, but with a plastic barrel.  I was a little worried purchasing it at first, but am so impressed with it’s durability.  They average about $20 at any large, regional or national chain.

I am thrilled with my discoveries! And you can make as much as you want. I usually make half a gallon, but the cylinder in the maker will hold twice as much. I’ll share a base recipe with you. I’ll add some suggestions for flavoring your ice cream afterwards.
I’ve made both almond and coconut ice cream.  I like them both evenly.  For those that do not like the taste of coconut milk, the coconut flavor gets lost after the ice cream is made and coconut gives it a creamier texture.

See recipe for creamy and flavored ice cream below.

Basic vanilla ice cream base
6 cups vanilla almond or  vanilla coconut milk (Unsweetened is fine too, it just won’t be as sweet)
1 cup of sugar
3 teaspoons vanilla extract or vanilla imitation extract
Generous amount of ice
Rock salt

Pour all contents into the container, place in ice cream maker and use as directed by the instructions it came with. Generally, you fill up the edges with cubed ice and dump a bit of rock salt all over the ice evenly.  When the ice melts half-way down, repeat process.

Extra creamy ice cream
My preference by far (with minimal added calories):  Add ½-3/4 cup of plain or vanilla soy yogurt or ½- ¾ cup of whipped non-dairy topping to base. If using yogurt, increase sugar by ¼ cup.  Again, this is preference.  The ice cream is still very good without as much sugar.

Flavored ice cream
The creamy version works best for any flavored ice cream recipe which helps to hold it's shape.
Powder, liquid and soft substance such as cocoa, peanut butter and extract can be added to base. Solid substance such as chocolate chips and marshmallows should be added halfway through chilling.

Chocolate chip:

You can buy mini chocolate chips if available or grate or cut dark semi sweet baking chocolate. Without removing the canister, remove lid halfway through chilling and pour the chips in.  It doesn’t require very much chocolate to taste just perfect.  Be careful not to overdo it.

Smores: (requested by my children)

Add about ¼ cup of each (add more or less depending on preference):
Chocolate pieces as described above
Hand broken graham crackers
Small sized marshmallows (normal size)
Mix in ingredients halfway into chilling

Chocolate peanut butter   (Adds protein and antioxidents!)

¼ cup peanut butter
¼ cup chocolate baking cocoa
Add with all ingredients to base

Suggestions you can try yourself: 

Maple pecan (use maple extract and chopped pecans)

Lemon (using lemon juice)

Chocolate chip cookie dough (maybe quarter a normal cookie recipe)

Chocolate chip mint (use peppermint extract and chocolate pieces.  (If your fine with dye, add a few drops of green for a true color).

Chocolate Raspberry...

Experiment with your favorite flavors!

Enjoy your delicious ice cream for a much lower price!

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